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1. Formation of new tissue.
2. Formation of a neoplasm or neoplasms.


(Medicine) an abnormal growth of tissue, the development of a neoplasm, or the process that results in the production of a neoplasm or tumour


(ˌni oʊˈpleɪ ʒə, -ʒi ə, -zi ə)

the formation and growth of neoplasms.


the abnormal proliferation of benign or malignant cells. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Cancer
the growth or formation of a neoplasm. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Growth
the growth or formation of aneoplasm. — neoplastic, adj.
See also: Body, Human
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Noun1.neoplasia - the pathological process that results in the formation and growth of a tumor
pathologic process, pathological process - an organic process occurring as a consequence of disease


n. neoplasia, formación de neoplasmas.


n neoplasia (proceso)
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Siddiqi et al (42) reported an indirect comparison of HC2 HPV testing in SurePath and ThinPrep specimens in a screening population and found no statistical difference in age-adjusted HPV positivity or in the rate of CIN 2/3 positivity on biopsy follow-up between the two liquid-based Pap specimens.
Cin, Gresham 9-62, Bernard 5-45, Sanu 1-16, Tate 1-12, Sanzenbacher 1-11.
CIN carries an increased risk of mortality especiallyin the elderly population and those with underlying kidney disease [6, 7].
Patients whether pregnant or menstruating and those with suspicious looking cervix, CIN, Carcinoma cervix, endometrium and ovary were excluded from the study.
2 Women over 60 years of age who have CIN lesions are at an elevated risk and should be followed closely.
Another group of patients consisted of 25 women with the cytological diagnosis of slight dysplastic endothelial lesions corresponding to CIN I and human papilloma virus infection, the so called LSIL (low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion).
these RAAS blocking agents as nephrotoxic and exacerbating renal failure with CIN whereas other reports have touted the use of these same RAAS blocking agents to protect the kidneys from the effects of CIN (4-8).
Cotesting" refers to the combination of cytology and HPV testing, which increases the ability to detect CIN 3 and allows for a decrease in the interval of screening because of the low risk associated with a negative screen.
It was essential to increase the capacity in a segment--Industrial Finishes--which is geared towards exports and which has ample business potential for the CIN Group," said Joao Serrenho, chairman of the CIN Group.
This investment is expected to allow the brand to increase its operations in key overseas markets such as Central Europe, and also strengthens the CIN Group's presence in Portugal, driving an increase in its current market share.