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Noun1.dibucaine - a local anesthetic that is administered by injection
intravenous anesthetic - an anesthetic that produces anesthesia when injected into the circulatory system
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A prospective randomised trial comparing spinal anaesthesia using hyperbaric cinchocaine with general anaesthesia for lower limb vascular surgery.
The company will initially focus on Zurcal (pantoprazole), Riopan (Magaldrate + Dimeticone) Faktu (Policresulen, Cinchocaine hydrochloride), and Albothyl (Policresulen).
Winkel E, Knudsen J 1971 Effect on the incidence of postoperative sore throat of 1 percent cinchocaine jelly for endotracheal intubation Anesthesia & Analgesia 50 (1) 92-94