n.1.A girth.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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cingle przebywanie w otoczeniu pracujacych urzadzen w ruchu), ktore sa zwiazane z poczuciem niepokoju wynikajacym z wykonywania pracy w niebezpiecznym--zagrazajacym zdrowiu i zyciu pracownika--srodowisku.
Comme un affrontement du sacre et du profane dans lequel, lui, a tout a perdre, a l'image du Cingle campe devant chez lui et qui a deja tout perdu : job, famille, baraque, dignite...
Most of them appear in the above-mentioned fatter corridor between the two rows of cliffs of the Cingles de Berti and Cingle de Castellar, while the rest tend to be located in margins of roads or trails that go up towards those crags--which had become a kind of relict linear meadows.
In the Penyagolosa Sub-basin: the Cingle del Morral section and La Ferradura area (Benicassim-Orpesa area; Moreno-Bedmar et al., 2009b), and the surroundings of Xodos and Benassal.
There are examples of war art among the cave paintings of prehistoric man such as those found at Cingle de la Mola, Castelln, Spain that date back as far as 7000BC.
Chromosomal instability and cancer: not just one CINgle mechanism.
/ Cet histrion qu'on cingle a grands coups de laniere" (742).