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Noun1.Circaea - enchanter's nightshade
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
evening-primrose family, family Onagraceae, Onagraceae - a large and widely distributed family of plants of the order Myrtales
enchanter's nightshade - any of several erect perennial rhizomatous herbs of the genus Circaea having white flowers that open at dawn; northern hemisphere
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Group B3, in particular, represents the typical variant with Aruncus dioicus, while group B2 clusters the releves that are depleted in characteristic species of association and enriched by species such as Saxifraga rotundifolia, typical of cool, partially-shaded sites which are rich in mineral nutrients such as Urtica dioica, Circaea intermedia and Geranium robertianum characterised by a gentle slope and less affected by flooding.
Jundzill indicated: "We found very rare species and species which have never been found before, such as Callitriche intermedia, Circaea alpina, Circaea intermedia, Calamagrostis schleicheri, Koeleria cristata, Sesleria caerulea, Scirpus caricinus, Primula farinosa, Salsola kali, Chenopodium villosum, Ribes alpinum, Swertia perennis, Lunaria rediviva, Alyssum montanum, Cakile maritima, Dentaria bulbifera, Taxus baccata, Betula nana, Myrica and many other cryptogams".
The leaves of some taiga plants, such as common wood sorrel, alpine enchanter's nightshade (Circaea alpina), and the fern Gymnocarpium dryopteris, are very fragile and only thrive in the shade.
5.687 2.87 8.55 Chrysospleniu americanum * 1.158 1.68 2.84 Circaea alpina ssp.