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circuit court

A court that serves a particular jurisdiction or geographic area, especially in multiple locations; a certain court of general jurisdiction established by law.

cir′cuit court′

1. a court holding sessions at various intervals in different sections of a judicial district.
2. (caps.) the court of general jurisdiction in a number of U.S. states.
[1700–10, Amer.]
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Most attorneys are familiar with the rules and jurisdiction of the district courts of appeal and the Florida Supreme Court; however, many may be unaware of the differences that exist when appellate jurisdiction shifts to the circuit courts of our state.
Generally, circuit courts have the authority to exercise discretion to run sentences concurrently.
The Role of Circuit Courts in the Formation of United States Law in the Early Republic: Following Supreme Court Justices Washington, Livingston, Story, and Thompson
The decisions are at odds with a handful of other circuit courts, including rulings by the 2nd and 5th Circuits.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- Dr Hadef Jouan Al Dhahiri, Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Federal Supreme Judicial Council, has signed an ordinance setting up two new circuit courts in Abu Dhabi to look into intellectual property rights (IPR) disputes cases, in which federal government entities are parties.
Despite a string of losses in seven district courts and two circuit courts, the Service recently issued Notice 2005-79, confirming that it will continue to assess and collect the Sec.
The majority of circuit courts use a multiple-factor approach to determine the reasonableness of the compensation; no single factor is controlling.
During the past several years, a series of cases that interpreted Ithaca more narrowly found their way to conflicting result in different federal circuit courts. The authors suggest that the Supreme Court should resolve the conflicts between the districts; they argue that the original decision in Ithaca not only makes sense but has also stood the test of time.
Keating further asserts that these decisions were made by "federal circuit courts ...
Since then, the federal circuit courts of appeal have disagreed over the interpretation of the McLain decision's definition of interstate commerce.
The statutory scheme does not authorize circuit courts to factor a debt into the equitable distribution calculation without first determining the amount owed.
Florida's circuit courts function in a trial and appellate capacity.

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