n.1.One who travels a circuit, as a circuit judge.
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30 kv medium voltage switchgear (49 fields); 30 kv power protection devices (49 fields) 30 / 0.63 kv rectifier transformers 3mva (7 pieces) and 4 mva (3 pieces) 750 v dc rectifier and return conductor assemblies 3000 a and 4000 a (10 systems) 750 v dc switchgear (38 fields); Dc protection devices (38 fields) 400 v ac switchgear (4 plants); 60 v dc system, Including batteries (4 factories); Earthing short circuiter (4 works) station control technology for all plant components incl.
The main points of the training are, On the one hand, Conveying the contents of the duv of the berlin subway, On the other hand also first practical experiences with the space conditions in the tunnels (tunnel suitability) as well as the ability to set lamp boxes, Short circuiters and portable busbar covers.