Circular instruments

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mathematical instruments employed for measuring angles, in which the graduation extends round the whole circumference of a circle, or 360°.

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The instrument cluster, consisting of two circular instruments and framed by a small binnacle, also helps the driver to focus on the driving experience.
In the interior too the V-Class demonstrates the clear design philosophy: the cockpit in particular features strong passenger car characteristics, with the design of the circular instruments, the ventilation outlets and the freestanding central display.
e dashboard has circular instruments in a black panel look as well as the freestanding 'at screen iDrive monitor, controlled by the iDrive knob which handles navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, telephone and sound.
A sports steering wheel, crystalclear circular instruments in black panel look and the freestanding, flatscreen iDrive monitor and the iDrive Touch Controller within easy reach on the centre console underline the sense of functional elegance.
A sports steering wheel, clear circular instruments, flatscreen iDrive monitor and the iDrive Touch Controller are within easy reach on the centre console.
As on the GT3, black rims, exterior mirrors and air intake grids form a sporting contrast also characterising the interior through the black interior design package and the circular instruments without the usual binnacle on top.
All the key information for the driver is accommodated in three circular instruments.
Chrome rings frame the circular instruments while the wood trim package, available as an option, adds a classic, refined touch.

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