Circular lines

straight lines pertaining to the circle, as sines, tangents, secants, etc.

See also: Circular

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The space agency noted that the green circular lines in the video depict the 200 brightest asteroids as they go through their orbital cycles.
Seen from the air, this resort's whimsical architecture of circular lines and earth-tone colors seem to merge with the natural enclave of Easter Island.
It will be run using a fleet of approximately 1,000 vehicles and will include four BHLS lines, two circular lines, 17 regular lines and 70 feeder lines (permanent and transport on demand).
Quilt alternating circular lines as shown on the wings and in border #2.
The music written for that piece was also present in this exhibition, though inaudibly, as the source of the impulses that compel Elliptical Song Drawing Machine--Bull och's first -Drawing Machine"--to make circular lines. Viewers could observe this process and see the drawing without hearing the underlying sound.
Jim wanted this to be on the first floor to take advantage of the views and from this central hub the other wings spin off, with the focus on circular lines repeating throughout, like the spiral staircase and the glass in the front doors.
So in less than a single minute, hundreds of thousands of people who were performing tawaf (circumambulation) or were sitting on the mosque's floor waiting for the time of prayer would organise themselves in circular lines around the Kaaba to pray.
Circumferential lines in the bore are projected in circular lines in the image level.
Discuss the basic proportions of the human figure, the use of contour line drawing for the figure, and focus on movement via the use of circular lines throughout the figure Allow only one continuous line per figure.
The circular lines of the 10.5 metre high structure might suggest a complementary, though subordinate offshoot in daring style.
Then they were on their own to choose bright colors of pastels to make circular lines on the trees and stripes on the hats and brims.

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