Circulating pump

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(Steam Engine) a pump for driving the condensing water through the casing, or tubes, of a surface condenser.

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Grundfos, the world's largest pump manufacturer, has produced a version of its UPS2 domestic circulator pump on Wearside since the company moved into the north east 40 years ago.
It is more efficient, but is noisy and has already needed a new circulator pump and a temperature sensor.
As will be detailed in the Innovation section, only one chilled water pump and one three-way valve was designed in lieu of a constant speed circulator pump and a variable speed pump.
The online publication focuses on marketing a wide array of products and services associated with heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as HVACR (refrigeration) products such as blowers, chillers, boilers, heaters, heat exchangers, commercial AC's, furnaces, radiators, forced air systems, pellet stoves, wood stoves, heat pumps, central heating systems, portable heaters, floor model & window air conditioners, humidity control systems, commercial refrigerators, trickle vents & ductwork, fans, dampers, refrigerants, freezers, iceboxes, circulator pump, diffuser, fan coil unit, dehumidifiers, displacement ventilation, dedicated outdoor air systems, cooling tower and other HVAC & HVACR equipment.
It coordinates the operation of circulator pump and control valve.
15% of energy used by the average household is taken by the circulator pump in the central heating system, and by upgrading the pump, homes will be able to save 10% of their total energy use, the company claims.
Flow-through models 30 and 60 are for inline use with a circulator pump.
WBZ-TV weatherman Bruce Schwoegler called to suggest that the hum might be from the circulator pump in the hot water heating system.
Valves 1,2,3 & 4 are the ball type which have a full diameter opening when open so as not to impede the flow produced by the circulator pump.
Install faucets and showerheads with aerators or flow restrictors to cut water consumption to about six gallons a minute * Install a domestic hot water circulator pump, if the building is piped with water return lines, so tenants won't run the water "til it gets hot.
1 mmbtu each to include two new three-way valves and one circulator pump.