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adv.1.So as to surround or encircle.
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You grind or sand the muzzle to an edge circumferentially to cut a plug like a cookie cutter.
Key statement: The invention relates to a tire having a rubber tread of a circumferentially zoned tread.
The Paradise catheter simultaneously protects the renal artery with a water-based cooling balloon and circumferentially denervates renal nerves with high intensity ultrasound energy.
The oesophagus was then circumferentially excised around the fistulas leaving a 2 cm rim of tissue.
Outcomes include geometrically complex electrical conductive traces over segment lengths of up to 72 inches along the extruded polymer; and precise, intricate radiopaque marker bands either longitudinally or circumferentially.
The versatility of the new RELINE Trauma system allows me to address trauma surgery circumferentially, said Juan Uribe, M.
The abnormal urethral meatus was marked circumferentially for planned incision as well.
The ethmoid bulla that has been identified (figure, A) is entered anteriorly with the microdebrider, and the opening is enlarged circumferentially (figure, B).
Hagfish skin is stiffer when pulled longitudinally than circumferentially.
Using electrocautery, the prolapsed urethral mucosa was circumferentially excised around the catheter.
It is ignited circumferentially and produces gas at a specific rate to cause multiple fractures without entering the explosive regime.
Under local anesthesia with 1% Xylocaine an incision was made on the previously marked line and the vein was dissected and isolated circumferentially over a length of about 20 cm.