n.1.A flowing round on all sides; an inclosing with a fluid.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In addition, the circumfluence which flows from the edge to the center is hindered by the roughness of the substrate.
furtherly investigated the flow unsteadiness in the circumfluence formed by the spiked bodies [21].
When bile flows through biliary duct with strictures, the bile generates circumfluence and vortex above and below the stricture, providing additional power for small particles gathering.
To obtain an effective extraction, the solvent (methanol, 80% methanol, and ethanol), methods (heating circumfluence and ultrasonic treatment), time (30, 40 and 50 min), and solid-liquid ratio (1: 15, 1: 20 and 1: 25) were investigated.
Moreover, the water which flowed into the junction of bottom hole would raise the circumfluence and vortex, causing the further energy consumption and the capacity of carrying debris at the bottom to be greatly reduced.
This result may be ascribed to recurrence, resulting in damage to the lymphatic vessels and lymphatic circumfluence obstacle, which consequently led to elephantiasis-like extremities.
During circumfluence of block surface by fluid with the temperature [T.suib.[infinity]] different from the surface temperature [T.sub.wx] in the spot x, the local heat transfer between the surface and the fluid occurs in this spot.
The imagery is that of two people in intimate relationship, each endlessly turning towards the other, as lovers do at the beginning and end of the day.(30) To be eternally "turned towards" is an expression of the most profound intimacy and connection.(31) What Jesus does in the fourth gospel is to draw the believing community into the same circle, the same "turning towards", the same covenant relationship of mutuality and intimacy.(32) Here the notion of turning suggests not a static union -- like two statues facing each other -- but rather a dynamic circumfluence, an encompassing of one within the other, twining in and out, like the steps of a dance.(33)