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a.1.Looking around every way; cautious; careful of consequences; watchful of danger.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Chapter 2 consists of a terse and circumspective analysis of the site and its environment.
weightiness--was an excellent device for inducing the circumspective
The report of the inquiry committee set up by Health Department is much more circumspective in this regard.
Every subsequent discussion of the concept of time clings in principle to the Aristotelian definition, that is to say, it makes time into a theme with respect to how it shows itself in circumspective concern.
Renren on the other hand is purely circumspective, due to which it is hurdled in the process of bringing in creativities that would result in a definite increase in its popularity.
The FBR needs to adopt more circumspective approach in improving revenues for the government which will ease pressure on already stretched revenue resources.
Within this room, which a human being creates for itself, circumspective concern discerns a directionality (established by the assignment of values in a context of involvements) and expresses itself in such a way as to reduce the distance between objects of its concern and itself (in the actual use of a tool, for example).
In order to perform collective NIE during offensive, defensive, and stability operations, units must have a circumspective understanding of joint dynamic targeting, integrating methods to engage targets, and the indicators which occur continuously and simultaneously in complicated, non-linear, and densely populated urban operational environments worldwide.
Nash preach from Joshua 15.24 a Good sermon in general, but could not agree with him in every particular a Afternoon from Ephesians 5, 15 and 16 a A most excellent discourse indeed a To walk circumspectly a duty enjoined a How to walk circumspectly shown in several particulars a Motive to a circumspective walk because the days are evil a Present day's evil on several accounts, if not on account of perfection and as in the days of the Apostles.
to set up a formality designed to induce deliberation will depend upon the degree to which the factual situation, innocent of any legal remolding, tends to bring about the desired circumspective frame of mind." Id.
340-ca.278BC, a patriotic poet in whose name the Boat-racing Day is observed) that "I've read Grief of Parting written by Qu Yuan for a very long time before I come to know its real meaning." Ouyang Xiu expressed similar thoughts in his Liuyi Poetry Talks: "Mr Mei's recent poems are brimming with archaic allusions, hard to lay hand on; however, reading them is like chewing olives; the aftertaste lingers." In the essay To My Offspring, Wei Xi (1624-1680), who was an essayist with the Qing Dynasty, warned his sons, that "The right way to listen is that you cannot be exposed to words of kindness unless you are open-minded; the true meaning does not come along unless you are circumspective." In short, only by chewing for a long time, are readers likely to grasp true meaning.
Goodman (1996) describes the reader in terms of what might be described as Being-in-the-world-of-reading, which, I suggest, shares certain similarities with Heidegger's philosophy of "absorbed coping," or "circumspective seeing," within our practical dealings (Dreyfus 2001).