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(32) In effect, whatever distinctions we can observe of ourselves and other organisms, the parts that make biological wholes (survival machines), and more circumspectively the panorama of life itself, is reducible to the function of survival.
When an assignment to some particular "towards-this" has been thus circumspectively aroused.
This is why the places that are circumspectively interpreted within a context of equipment are not to be catalogued by procedures that objectify space as a mathematical structure.
This type of spatiality characterizes not what is going on within-the-world circumspectively, but rather the situatedness of the "circumspection of concern" in a world that is always already transcendent.
(18) In addition to the conspicuousness that attaches to the unready-to-hand such that we first come to see it as it is and for what it is--the damaged hammer is seen as such rather than circumspectively engaged for the assigned purpose of nailing in the present example--there are two other modes of the unready-to-hand that Heidegger mentions.
Immediately against Verdecktheit, or covered-up-ness, and ultimately as well as punningly against (the danger or abyss/Ab-grund of) Nichtung (53)--Lichtung is a condition that obtains in dealing truly circumspectively with one's own-most environment.
closeness between politics and Orientalism, or to put it more circumspectively, the great likelihood that ideas about the Orient drawn from Orientalism can be put into political use, is an important but extremely sensitive truth.
The thing suddenly becomes "unfamiliar"--it becomes foreign to that with which one normally comports oneself circumspectively. In this aspect, the properties and structures of the thing--previously subsumed under the imperative of their comportment as equipment--suddenly become apparent, available for inspection and interpretive involvement.
The journal article reports the results somewhat circumspectively, seeming to recognize that the statistical tests only facilitate the conclusion that the differences were so small that chance could not be ruled out as the cause within the stated levels of probability.