protoplanetary disk

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pro·to·plan·e·tar·y disk

A disk of gas and dust, often geometrically thin and opaque, orbiting a newly formed star, from which planets may eventually form.
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VVGOOGLING a runner Kuiper Belt 1.50 Newmarket A circumstellar disc in the solar system beyond the planets, extending from the orbit of Neptune to approximately 50 astronomical units from the sun.
The planet candidate around HD 100546 was detected as a faint blob located in the circumstellar disc revealed, thanks to the NACO adaptive optics instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope combined with pioneering data analysis techniques.
A possible explanation of why the star has brightened less than the nebula in the latter part of 2011 is that, while the star has been brightening and illuminating the nebula, light coming towards us from the star may have been partially obscured by either dust clouds close to the star or the inner edge of the thick circumstellar disc.
Ricci explained, "We will soon be able to not only detect the presence of small particles in discs, but to map how they are spread across the circumstellar disc and how they interact with the gas that we've also detected in the disc.