protoplanetary disk

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pro·to·plan·e·tar·y disk

A disk of gas and dust, often geometrically thin and opaque, orbiting a newly formed star, from which planets may eventually form.
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It has since been identified as the prototypical cometary nebula, a class of fan-shaped reflection nebulae that are often associated with T Tauri stars (very young, variable, low-mass stars often in binary systems; some have circumstellar disks and are likely progenitors of planetary systems).
Researchers model the observable properties of rapidly rotating stars, the gravitational effects of a low-mass binary companion on the growth of a disk in a close binary system, velocity and momentum in large circumstellar disks, and the complete lightcurve of the ?
"Such structures in circumstellar disks have been seen around numerous young stars and have sparked a remarkable debate, offering a large set of possible explanations," the authors of the study wrote.
Eduard Vorobyov describes the process of clump formation in circumstellar disks followed by their migration onto the star as "cannibalism on astronomical scales." These clumps could have matured into giant planets such as Jupiter, but instead they were swallowed by the parental star.
Sargent, "The dusty circumstellar disks of B[e] supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds," The Astronomical Journal, vol.
They cover observations and theory of circumstellar disks and outflows delta Sco and Be stars as laboratories for circumstellar disk physics, the dynamics of circumstellar material and tidal interactions, massive star formation out of a dynamic environment, and magnetospheres of hot stars.
"Our calculation is an estimate of the minimum amount of heavy elements that must be present in circumstellar disks before planets can form," Johnson said.
The biennial conference is devoted to the work and ideas of young researchers, and here 13 recent graduates review current research in such areas as the evolution of primordial circumstellar disks, globular clusters in the local universe, and supernovae.
The team spotted HW2's disk with the Sub-millimeter Array telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, a network of eight far-infrared detectors exquisitely sensitive to dust and highly ionized molecular gas in dense, circumstellar disks.
Astronomers using instruments onboard HST and the European Space Agency's Infrared Space Observatory found hundreds of circumstellar disks among the interstellar clouds of the Orion Nebula, the Trifid Nebula, the Eagle (M16), and others.
Hubble even discovered warps and gaps in circumstellar disks like the one around Beta Pictoris, hinting at the presence of planets.