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| The top five most "valued" species by rarity: 1 Stone curlew; 2 Quail; 3 Cirl bunting; 4 Corncrake; 5 Corn bunting.
Since first excitedly looking at illustrations of cirl bunting - it's pronounced "sirl" - in The Observer Pocket Book of Birds (a 1972 birthday present), the species has declined to the brink of British extinction.
It will not be easy, but farmers and conservationists have saved the Corncrake from extinction in Scotland and Cirl Bunting in southwest England.
Birds such as the turtle dove, cirl bunting, stone-curlew, black grouse, black-tailed godwit, twite and corncrake could be at risk.
RSPB conservation director Dr Mark Avery said: "Over the last decade we've enjoyed some cracking conservation successes, including removing some threatened species from the red list and increasing populations of red kite, bittern, avocet, osprey, stone-curlew and cirl bunting.
He also had the egg of a cirl bunting, classed as endangered after the species was hit by modern farming methods.
Researchers at Durham University, the RSPB and Cambridge University have found that birds such as the Cirl Bunting and Dartford Warbler are becoming more common across a wide range of habitats in Britain as temperatures rise.
Other rare birds featured include the corn crake of the Outer Hebrides as well as the peregrine falcon, red kite, bittern, avocet, bearded tit, cirl bunting and marsh harrier.
The stone curlew, song thrush, cirl bunting, corncrake, capercaillie, bittern and tree sparrow are prominent among a group of ``red list'' birds whose populations have increased over the past 10 years.
One of Britain's most endangered birds, the cirl bunting, has been saved from extinction by means of an innovative rescue plan launched in 1989.
Priority will now be given to farmers with any of seven threatened farmland birds on their land - corn bunting, tree sparrow, lapwing, grey partridge, turtle dove, cirl bunting and stone curlew.