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Noun1.Cirripedia - barnacles
class Crustacea, Crustacea - class of mandibulate arthropods including: lobsters; crabs; shrimps; woodlice; barnacles; decapods; water fleas
barnacle, cirriped, cirripede - marine crustaceans with feathery food-catching appendages; free-swimming as larvae; as adults form a hard shell and live attached to submerged surfaces
Balanidae, family Balanidae - stalkless barnacles
family Lepadidae, Lepadidae - goose barnacles
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Living Cirripedia: A Monograph on the Sub-Class Cirripedia.
3 Cirripedia Austromegabalanus psittacus (Molina, 1788) 1,2 1,6 Verruca laevigata (Sowerby, 1827) 5,9 6,5 Balanus laevis Bruguiere, 1789 4,5 3,8 Maxillopoda Copepoda Harpacticoidea indet.
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Subphylum: Crustacea Class: Maxillopoda Infraclass: Cirripedia Order: Sessilia Family: Balanidae Genus: Amphibalanus Species: A.
All Cirripedia, barnacles 2 All Mysidae Mysis oculata Neomysis rayii Neomysis spp.
Eleven meroplankton groups were identified in the mesozooplankton of Guarairas, including larvae of Gastropoda and Pelecypoda, Cirripedia, Brachyura and Polychaeta.
A barnacle is a type of arthropod belonging to infraclass Cirripedia in the subphylum Crustacea, and is hence related to crabs and lobsters.
Cirripedia (Crustacea) de la zona intermareal e infralitoral de la region de Santa Marta.