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1. Identifying as having a gender that corresponds to the sex one has been assigned at birth; not transgender.
2. Of or relating to cisgender people.
A person who is cisgender.

[cis- + gender (on the model of transgender).]
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Discwoman is a critical reading of the electronic music world, which, at both mainstream and underground levels, is overwhelmingly controlled by men--most of whom are straight, white, and cisgendered.
The feminist movement has come under harsh criticism in the past few years for failing to acknowledge the experiences of women of color and for prioritizing the experience of white and cisgendered women (that is, women who are born female).
Sex That Works speaks mostly to heterosexual, female, cisgendered women in long-term partnerships, and it makes some problematic statements about LGBTQ identities and kink in the process.
heteronormative views mean that cisgendered heterosexual men are much
status as a bastion of white, male, heteronormative, cisgendered,
The use of trans* underscores that this analysis includes all individuals who have a self-determined identity in conflict with the traditional, cisgendered male-female binary.
CATHERINE ERIN CLUNE-TAYLOR, "From Intersex to Disorders of Sex Development: A Foucauldian Analysis of the Science, Ethics and Politics of the Medical Production of Cisgendered Lives.
Transgendered people, both in the United States and the Philippines, face many more challenges than both homosexuals or cisgendered heterosexuals, or people that society deems normal.
My argument hinges on certain critical observations of cisgendered legal cognition that underlies judicial precedent.
It almost exclusively features straight, cisgendered women.
If marginalized players learned to enjoy games that did not represent them, it is likely heterosexual, white, cisgendered men could, too," she points out.
This mode of drag consists of hetero-masculine, cisgendered men performing deliberately erroneous feminine imitation with the intention of being funny.