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 (sĭt′ərn) also cith·ern (sĭth′ərn, sĭth′-)
A 16th-century guitar with a flat, pear-shaped body.

[Perhaps blend of Latin cithara, cithara; see cithara, and obsolete English gittern (from Middle English, from Old French guiterne, from Latin cithara).]
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(ˈsɪtɜːn) ,




(Instruments) a medieval stringed instrument resembling a lute but having wire strings and a flat back. Compare gittern
[C16: perhaps a blend of cither + gittern]
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(ˈsɪt ərn)

an old musical instrument related to the guitar, having a flat, pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings.
[1550–60; perhaps b. Latin cithara kithara and Middle French guiterne gittern]
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Noun1.cittern - a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire stringscittern - a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings
guitar - a stringed instrument usually having six strings; played by strumming or plucking
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Fundado el Monasterio de las Huelgas por Alfonso VIII y su esposa Leonor, para ser panteon de los reyes de Castilla y retiro de personas nobles, el ano 1187 se establecio en el, como cabeza y matriz de las Bernardas de Castilla, la primera comunidad de monjas, inmediatamente sometida al Abad del Cister. Agraciado por las mercedes de los monarcas y algunos privilegios de los papas, su celebridad e importancia historica quedan reflejadas en su riqueza artistica, arquitectonica y musical.
A traves de esta documentacion podemos observar toda la vida del monasterio, desde los hechos mas solemnes a las costumbres mas cotidianas, pues las costumbres canonicas de la Orden del Cister obligaban a dejar constancia por escrito de cualquier hecho juridico minimamente resenable y no solo por motivos jurisdiccionales.
Early methods, such as Cister [19] and Cluster-Buster [20], only define the distance constraint between motif sites but do not model any order between motif sites within a CRM.
There are also many research institutions like INESC TEC, INESC ID, CISTER and research groups in universities which offer research positions for Master of science (18 Years of Education) degree holders and postdocs.
Around the papacy, and often parallel to it, an attraction field was being created, which ended up concentrating the efforts and militancy of a good portion of society, starting by religious individuals--not by chance, we can cite, as products and at the same time foundations of the papal reform the Orders of Cluny (founded in 970) and of Cister (founded in 1908).