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A local anesthetic, C13H20N2O, used parenterally in its hydrochloride form for nerve blocks and in combination with lidocaine for topical use.

[Alteration of pr(op)yl + (amin)o + -caine.]
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UK-based drugmaker AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN) has entered into an agreement with Mauritius-based Aspen Group's Aspen Global Inc business under which AGI will now acquire the residual rights to the established anaesthetic medicines comprising of Diprivan, EMLA,Xylocaine/Xylocard/Xyloproct, Marcaine, Naropin, Carbocaine and Citanest, the company said.
Lack of differential effect by Ultracaine (articaine) and Citanest (prilocaine) in infiltration anaesthesia.
The portfolio contains brands like Carbocaine, Citanest, Diprivan, Marcaine and Naropin, and it continues to generate stable revenue, with global product sales in 2015 of US$ 592mln.
For pregnant patients for whom ocular surgery is unavoidable, the safest anesthetics may be lidocaine and citanest, which are category B drugs.