Cities of refuge

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(Jewish Antiq.) certain cities appointed as places of safe refuge for persons who had committed homicide without design. Of these there were three on each side of Jordan.

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Joshua provided six cities of refuge -- Bezer, Golan, Ramoth, Kadesh,
As I visited and talked with people from my hometown, I thought of the cities of refuge in Joshua 20:1-9.
Eaten Fish--the pen name of cartoonist Ali Dorani--arrived in Stavanger, Norway, December 17 after the city agreed to host him for at least the next two years through the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN).
Meanwhile, Europe, in a display of united selfishness, has scuttled a plan to relocate a mere 40,000 asylum-seekers from their cities of refuge in Italy and Greece.
He was hosted first in France and later in Norway at Stavanger 2005-07 and in the United States of America at Miami City 2010-12 by the International Cities of Refuge Networks, which supports writers under threat and living in exile (Grundy "Chenjerai Hove is dead").
Essam's stay in MalmE[micro], which is a member of theInternational Cities of Refuge Network, will give him a chance to develop and grow, Reitov said.
Cities of Refuge is not original scholarship, but gleanings from previously published works.
Judaism, Five Cities of Refuge (with Lawrence Kushner) and The
The story introduces the concept of the cities of refuge, six towns to which men who have killed unintentionally can flee the wrath of those relatives of the victim wishing to avenge the blood.
The answer arrived in the establishment of cities of refuge (for example in the books of Joshua, Deuteronomy, and Numbers).
After reading Cities of Refuge, one is left with the sense that human beings are much deeper, more complex and mysterious than they often appear to be.
Rabbi Avichayil says that the Jewish-like customs that have been found amon= g the Pathans - many of whom are now Taliban - include sidelocks, ritual ci= rcumcision at eight days, and cities of refuge for accidental killers, four= -cornered garments, ritual immersion for women, and more.