Citrus grandis

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Noun1.Citrus grandis - southeastern Asian tree producing large fruits resembling grapefruitsCitrus grandis - southeastern Asian tree producing large fruits resembling grapefruits
pomelo, shaddock - large pear-shaped fruit similar to grapefruit but with coarse dry pulp
genus Citrus - orange; lemon; lime; etc.
citrus tree, citrus - any of numerous tropical usually thorny evergreen trees of the genus Citrus having leathery evergreen leaves and widely cultivated for their juicy edible fruits having leathery aromatic rinds
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Two nests were collected with an entomological net in Divinopolis, Minas Gerais State, Brazil (20.149904[degrees]S, 44.895827[degrees]W) on pomelo (Citrus grandis [L.]) (Rutaceae) in Jul of 2017.
Rhamnaceae Zizyphusmauritiana Aegle marmelos Feronia limonia Citrus aurantifolia Rutaceae Citrus grandis Sapindaceae Lichichinensis Sapotaceae Manilkarazapota Sterculiaceae Heritierafomes Table 2: Uses of species under major use category Plant Use Local Name Scientific Name Food Construction Medicine Narikel Cocos nucifera x Kola Musa spp.
Essential oils from Citrus pseudolimon and Citrus grandis peels were extracted through steam distillation and characterized by GC-MS.
In Asian countries citrus fruits such as lime (Citrus microcarpa and Citrus aurantifolia) lemon (Citrus limon) and pummelo (Citrus grandis) are commonly available and regularly consumed as fruit whole fruit juices and as preserved snacks.
Jang, "Antioxidant and antidiabetic activity of Dangyuja (Citrus grandis Osbeck) extract treated with Aspergillus saitoi," Food Chemistry, vol.
Several analytical methods have been applied to qualitative and quantitative flavonoid determination, especially HPLC in conjunction with diode array detection and mass spectrometry, as in honey [4], Citrus grandis [5], grapes and teas [6], Scutellaria baclensis [7], Glycyrrhiza uralensis, G.
The 150 peer-reviewed and selected papers consider such topics as a "green" rubber compound for making tire tread with anti-static features, the effect of spot welding current and cycles on the mechanical properties of welded galvanized steel sheets, nanoelectrode chrome photomask design and specification for biosensor fabrication, destroying pathogenic micro-organisms in contaminated water by oxide photocatalysis, and kinetic and thermodynamic studies of the adsorption of copper ions into pomelo peel (Citrus grandis).
([micro] (Min) g/mL) 1 Chakutra (Citrus grandis) 6.01 1.88 2 Kinnow (Citrus reticulate) 3.91 1.24 3 Musambi (Citrus sinensis var 41.67 1.63 musambi) 4 Narangi (Citrus mitis) 11.85 1.50 5 Red blood (Citrus sinensis var 1.49 1.87 orange red blood orange) 6 Rough lemon (Citrusjambhiri) 54.23 1.70 7 Succari (Citrus sinensis var 0.37 1.41 succari) Sr.
Os hibridos somaticos laranja 'Hamlin' (Citrus sinensis) + toranja 'Indian Red' (Citrus grandis) (plantas 1 e 2, com genotipo e fenotipo distintos) e laranja 'Hamlin'(C.