city clerk

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cit′y clerk′

a city official who maintains public records and vital statistics, issues licenses, etc.
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Exercise is a capital thing for a student or a city clerk, but to a shepherd who has been in the fields all day, a long walk at the end of his work is somewhat too much of a good thing.
polyandria polygynia); whence you hear the sound of jingling spinets and women singing; where little porter pots hang on the railings sunning themselves; whither of evenings you see City clerks padding wearily: here it was that Mr.
Mayor Anthony Rinella is in charge of public affairs, which includes codes, city clerk, city administrator, Carnegie Library, Marion Cultural and Civic Center, HUB recreation center, pavilion, and Boyton Street Community Center.
And when a new clerk-treasurer beats an incumbent at the polls, the departing city clerk is not always willing to train the inexperienced newcomer, she said.
Running unopposed, City Clerk Margarita Campos and City Treasurer Donna E.
officials have locked the doors to city hall and the police department and have taken police patrols and public works trucks off the street, said City Clerk Joe Cordonier.
Though he may still be a "kid'' in terms of his tenure as city clerk, Mr.
The decision to move oversight of elections from the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment to the city clerk was one of several key recommendations put forward by the Neighborhood Council Review Commission.
McAllister, appointed city clerk in 1982 after the death of Eleanor Rohrbach, was first elected in 1985 and won re-election in later years, until voter-approved term limits forced her out in 2009.
Twenty-two people responded to the advertisement by applying for the job, while the names of two other potential candidates were given to the city clerk.
As part of Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records requirements, City Clerk staff serves as the Records Control Officer for the City of Phoenix.
He was the first person to hold the position of assistant director of elections after an administrative reorganization approved by the City Council and state Legislature placed the Election Commission office under the jurisdiction of the city clerk.