city clerk

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cit′y clerk′

a city official who maintains public records and vital statistics, issues licenses, etc.
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Exercise is a capital thing for a student or a city clerk, but to a shepherd who has been in the fields all day, a long walk at the end of his work is somewhat too much of a good thing.
(polyandria polygynia); whence you hear the sound of jingling spinets and women singing; where little porter pots hang on the railings sunning themselves; whither of evenings you see City clerks padding wearily: here it was that Mr.
Rix also swore in a new Deputy City Clerk, Amy Fosse, who will take over Beasley's position in Marion City Hall.
So if an architect or engineer is appearing before the Department of Buildings in connection with obtaining approvals for various aspects of their plans for a project, according to a recent meeting with the Deputy City Clerk, such appearances may or may not constitute lobbying.
Despite gathering triple the amount of signatures needed, Ridesharing Works will submit 23,000 signatures to the city clerk.
The Claremore City Clerk's office provides information about city ordinances, permits, licensing, weed abatement, and more.
And when a new clerk-treasurer beats an incumbent at the polls, the departing city clerk is not always willing to train the inexperienced newcomer, she said.
The city clerk's office now has cassette tapes only of council meetings in 2008 and 2009, as tapes from the 1970s through the early 2000s were destroyed a few years ago.
Ronna Stickrod, records supervisor in the City Clerk's Office, says the department's previous procedures began buckling under the document strain in the late 1990s.
The city has contacted the League of Oregon Cities for help in finding new candidates for the city clerk vacancy, Weber said.
The city clerk responded to Scharf's concerns by sending a letter to local religious leaders asking that they ensure their invocations before the public meetings are "applicable to all faiths and include all persons in our diverse community, and that no specific religion or religious deity be mentioned or promoted in any way."