City of the Angels

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Noun1.City of the Angels - a city in southern CaliforniaCity of the Angels - a city in southern California; motion picture capital of the world; most populous city of California and second largest in the United States
Calif., California, Golden State, CA - a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes
Catalina Island, Santa Catalina - an island resort in the Pacific off the southwestern coast of California
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Broad, convinced that a town full of artists, writers, performers, and filmmakers is starved for culture, has a longstanding mission to civilize the City of the Angels.
For the sessions in the City of the Angels, he utilized the services of Artie Webb (yes, the same one from the Ray Barretto organization), Karen Briggs, and Jose "Papo" Rodriguez.
This city of the angels, of thoughtless belief and so faithless.
While a mecca for the rich and famous, particularly in the film and television industries, many have taken the City of the Angels to task for its unending obsession with the automobile, for its pollution and for simply being, as novelist William Faulkner said, "Too loud, too large and too banal.
vet schlockmeister Mark Pirro's "Rectuma" releases a giant serial-killing butt on an unsuspecting City of the Angels.
Viewing the cathedral from any direction should evoke sure recognition that this is the City of the Angels Catholic Cathedral, while subtly luring the viewer by its sense of spiritual strength," Mahoney said in a prepared statement.
Moving with the Spirit," the theme of the seventh-annual City of the Angels Film Festival held here Nov.
I WANTED TO THANK you for Ted Parks' thoughtful article about our beloved City of the Angels Film Festival ("Strange Bedfellows," March-April 2000).
But geologist Amy Barnes knows that something big is about to threaten the City of the Angels when she discovers that temperatures haver risen in the city's landmark La Brea Tar Pits.
Boot's rosy picture of policing in Los Angeles will be sharply contested by many citizens in the City of the Angels, but it will undoubtedly win Dunn accolades from most of his peers.
Wanamaker's influence can also be seen in Heimann's new tome, "Sins of the City" (Chronicle Books, 1999) which is about crime in the city of the angels.