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Perhaps that faculty of unawareness was what gave her eyes their transparency, and her face the look of representing a type rather than a person; as if she might have been chosen to pose for a Civic Virtue or a Greek goddess.
We know nothing of the civic virtue that led the great men of ancient times to serve their country in the lowest rank whenever they did not command.
Afterwards he smoked at the cabin-door, looking at his children with an air of civic virtue, till they got caught one after another and put to bed in various staterooms.
He possessed all the civic virtues in their very meanest form, and the finishing touch was given by a low sort of consciousness he manifested of possessing them.
Bushlack argues that a Thomistic account of civic virtue can help Christians participate fully in the body politic without compromising their commitment to the City of God.
2014) indicated that this concept entails several sub-dimensions, including altruism, conscientiousness, sportsmanship, courtesy, civic virtue.
He covers democratic culture and civic virtue, the Trump voter: labeling the baskets, and institutional openings to authoritarianism.
They display preferences for their own in-group; respect for the needy stranger knocking on one's door is always imagined as a civic virtue, and nearly never as a duty.
Bushlack, Politics for a Pilgrim Church: A Thomistic Theory of Civic Virtue, Grand Rapids/Cambridge, UK: William B.
In developing such an approach, the traditional virtue of tolerance is desirable but insufficient; our effort, thinking and practices have to look beyond it and seek acceptance of diversity and adopt it as a civic virtue," said Vice President Ansari.
Using a sample of 137 clinical nurses, and analyzing the data with hierarchical multiple regressions, we obtained results indicating that the EI dimension perceiving emotion was linked to conscientiousness, and facilitating thinking was linked to civic virtue.
Bushlack proposes that the job of the church is to express a civic virtue that presents a picture of the common good that is accessible and intelligible to our non-Christian neighbors.