Civil architecture

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the architecture which is employed in constructing buildings for the purposes of civil life, in distinction from military and naval architecture, as private houses, palaces, churches, etc.

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The third part will display civil architecture, specifically the remains of unearthed structures including building columns.
We're getting a world-class president in Gregory Fenves," said Hilary Hart, a former UT faculty council chair and civil architecture and environmental engineering senior lecturer.
Editors Wu, Chen, Yang, and Liang present students, researchers, policy-makers, engineers, architects and professionals in a variety of related fields with a two volume set collecting selected, peer-reviewed papers from the third International Conference on Civil Architecture and Hydraulic Engineering, held July of 2014 in Hangzhou China.
In a resolution declaring the building a national landmark, the NHCP noted that Casa Real "is an outstanding and unique example of civil architecture from the Spanish and American colonial periods.
We have two very different realms of patronage: a split between the past of publicly funded civil architecture worKing on tighter and tighter budgets, and a future of homes for people who are fortunate to be able to invest in individually tailored accommodation.
In addition, there are six different sections about Mimar Sinan in the museum; "Sinan's life," "Sinan and SE-leymaniye," "Sinan's civil architecture," "Sinan and Selimiye", "Sinans' art and constructions" and "Sinan's works overseas.
Diyar Al Muharraq landscape gardener Martin Waduge will conduct the event under the theme Contribution of Landscape and Horticulture to bring added value to Civil Architecture and Engineering.
7) The idea is good in that it may allow this part of the library to be seen to be independent of an institution increasingly devoted to promoting the self interest of its members, rather than serving civil architecture, for which it (and the library) were originally set up.
Civil Architecture, called also absolutely, and by way of eminence, Architecture, is the art of contriving and executing commodious buildings for the uses of civil life; as houses, temples, halls, bridges, colleges, portico's, etc.
In China's civil architecture sector, the penetration rate of low-e glass is very low due to the exorbitant price, and the market size will see no considerable growth in the short run.
The Plaza del Mercado is home to the Silk Market, an example of Gothic civil architecture, the baroque Santos Juanes Church and the Central Market, a colourful market in a beautiful modernist building.
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