citizen's arrest

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cit·i·zen's arrest

1. An arrest made by a person other than a law enforcement officer for a crime committed in the presence of that person.
2. An arrest made by a person who is not a law enforcement officer but who makes the arrest under the authorization of a law enforcement officer.

citizen's arrest

(Law) an arrest carried out by an ordinary member of the public rather than an officer of the law

cit′izen's arrest′

an arrest made by a private citizen whose authority derives from the fact of citizenship.
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As he examines Stanton's role in military appointments and recruitment, civilian arrests, and prisoner exchanges, Marvel adds cronyism, despotism, and vindictiveness to his indictment.
While the Obama administration has not declared the actions to topple the now-missing Morsi as a "coup," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed Secretary of State John Kerry has spoken with top Egyptian Transitional government officials on US raised concerns over the number of civilian arrests and crackdown on the media in recent weeks, and to push for a democratic transitional process.
Over the past few weeks, political parties, which failed at the parliamentary elections, have been trying to compensate for their political impotence with attacks and provocations against me, Volen Siderov, and Ataka," he stated, hinting at the June 28 letter of the right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB) party asking Tsatsarov to strip Siderov of his MP immunity over his threats about civilian arrests of protesters.

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