v. i.1.To clip with scissors.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We are making some of the worlds best brands accessible to our customers in the region, says Cizar Abugazaleh, managing director, Action-to-Action.
"New Zealand is the land of opportunity for new businesses and this partnership adds tremendous value to our clients who are keen on exploring and expanding their presence and geographical reach," said Cizar Abughazaleh, Managing Director, Action To Action.
Design: A treatment group of 112 patients with HPV received twice weekly self-administered intravaginal infusions of 0.5mM zinc citrate solution containing CIZAR (zinc chloride and citric acid anhydrous) for 12 weeks; the control group were patients who met the inclusion criteria via data collected retrospectively and received no other treatment.
Intitulee [beaucoup moins que]programme elite[beaucoup plus grand que], cette formation, organisee par Cizar, une entreprise de communication et de consulting, en collaboration avec l'USTHB, touchera, dans sa premiere phase, qui s'etalera sur six mois, 150 etudiants de la faculte electronique et informatique et devra s'elargir pour prendre en charge 5.000 etudiants a la fin de 2017.
Cizar's sculpture reduced the materialism of civilisation down to bits of detritus, where people are the sum of their objects with all the emotion and associations attached to them.
"With our focus on the SMB channel, this comes as part of a wider plan in Iomega's investment in the ME region, to be on the ground to support the SMB market as well as the SMB business-to-business distribution structure," said Cizar Abu Ghazaleh, regional director for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey at Iomega.
"The Iomega Experience Center is going to change the perception of the information storage industry in this region in a way that's inviting and easy-to-understand, not only for SMEs and Iomega partners but also for consumers," said Cizar Abughazaleh, general manager for Iomega in the Middle East and Asia.
"The new StorCenter ix2-200 is definitely the easiest to use small office and consumer network storage appliance in the marketplace today," said Cizar Nazeeh Abughazaleh, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, Iomega Corporation.
the MEA and Egypt is an increasingly important market for ATA," said Cizar
"CES is ideal to meet with new entrepreneurs and to identify new technologies and opportunities that can be leveraged in new markets, and to new audiences," said Cizar Abughazaleh, Managing Director, Action To Action.
Cizar Abughazaleh, general manager for Iomega (MEA), said the new series are powerful business class NAS devices designed to meet and exceed the network storage needs of the Middle East's small and mid-sized businesses.