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n.1.Bulk; largeness. [Obs.] See Size.
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The dining options include: The Bounty Beach Club, which blends international cuisine with Creole hospitality; Pool Bar; Cize Bar, with jazz, soul and Cape Verdean music; and Magellan, which is the hotel's all-day dining restaurant.
I tried "CIZE" to ease my way back to exercising again, but never made it to the last week due to time constraints.
. Zlaty krucik cize buratinove prihody, traduit par Vladimir Pezansky, Obroda, 1950.
Offered on Saturday, July 25th from 10 am until 12 noon will be arts and crafts, a dance workshop and a class in "CIZE", the latest hip-hop/exercise craze by Shaun T.
Konkretne sa slovenska koruna zmenila na euro, cize aj nami pouzite udaje su v eurach, a preto v pripade prepoctu dat na slovensku korunu vyuzijeme konverzny kurz 30,126 Sk/[euro].
Cize, como la llamaban los amigos, era hija de una cocinera y de un interprete de violin y cavaquinho, llamado Justino da Cruz, que fallecio cuando ella tenia siete anos.
Amon= g his duties, he will have the authority to shut down newspapers that criti= cize the government and issue licenses to new publications.
Hoy por hoy, Maria de Barros es una cantautora multilingue que tras seis anos de carrera y tres discos esta considerada la nueva Cesaria Evora (Mindelo, 27 de agosto de 1941), aquella sensacional interprete caboverdiana de mornas y coladeiras que enamoro Pans hace 20 anos (llamada Miss perfumado, Cize, La diva de los pies descalzos), una diosa de perfeccion vocal y sapiencia ejemplar protectora de Maria, quien la respeta como ahijada, consulta como hermana, y a veces cuida como a una hija.
Diligent attempts to prevent the transmission of HIV/ AIDS have been carried out by Dominican national organizations such as PROCETS (Program for the Control of STDs and AIDS), SESPAS (Office of the Secretary of Public Health) (Manana & Gamboa, 1989), IDSS (Dominican Social Security Institute) (Arbaje, Cruz, Thormann, & Gonzalez, 1992; Millord, Cize, & Arbaje, 1992a, 1992b), and the Reproductive Health Program of the CEA (National Sugar Council).
It is important to note that women are not a monolithic group, otherwise we romanti cize women's political and ideological solidarity.
Dalsim modelom, ktory sa priamo netyka nakladov na kvalitu, ale jeho vyuzitie sleduje vsetky naklady, cize aj naklady na kvalitu, je model ABC--Activity-based costing.
Lebanese =93journalist=94 Faisal abd al Satter, who is close to Hizbullah, = called Mughniyeh's killing a "cowardly act," and said that those that criti= cize Hizbullah are betraying Lebanon to the United States and Israel.