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also jiz·yah  (jēz′yə)
Under traditional shari'a law, a poll tax levied on non-Muslim subjects of an Islamic state.

[Arabic jizya, from Syriac gzitā, poll tax, from emphatic state of gazyā, feminine of gzē, paid, passive participle of gzā, to pay; akin to Arabic jazā, to repay, give recompense, and Sabaean gzyt, award, commendation (sense uncertain).]
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Members of the standing cavalry forces accounted for 78 percent of the collectors of the cizye tax (poll tax levied on non-Muslims) in 1570-71; by 1615-16, their share was 90 percent.
Though vacant lands were taken over by the state, the lands in the possession of conquered native people are left to the owners in return they have to pay a state tax called cizye (capitation tax).
The most important revenue items on the budgets prepared in the Reform Era are; virgu, cizye, asar, customs fees and agnam duty.
(40) Tum orneklerde goruldugu gibi Divan-i Humayun tercumanligi ve maslahatguzarlik gibi gorevler icin tahsis edilen maaslar, cesitli mukataa kaynaklarindan veya voyvodaliklarin cizye gelirlerinden karsilanmaktadir.