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Noun1.Cladonia - type genus of CladoniaceaeCladonia - type genus of Cladoniaceae; lichens characterized by a crustose thallus and capitate fruiting bodies borne on simple or branched podetia
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
Cladoniaceae, family Cladoniaceae - a family of lichens
arctic moss, Cladonia rangiferina, reindeer lichen, reindeer moss - an erect greyish branching lichen of Arctic and even some north temperate regions constituting the chief food for reindeer and caribou and sometimes being eaten by humans
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This plant belongs to the genus Cladonia, and somewhat resembles the reindeer lichen.
Its phylogenetic relationships are unknown to date but it probably belongs to the "supergroup" Cladonia of Stenroos et al.
In this region, the only area that could be used for grazing during the winter was the pine forest, where the reindeer searched for ground lichens (mainly Cladonia spp.) under the deep snow and foraged on hanging lichens (Bryoria spp.) that draped the old, rugged pine trees.
(Parmeliaceae), (+)-usnic acid (3), a dibenzofuran from Cladonia arbuscula (Wallr.) Rabenh.
Cladonia chlorophaea (Florke ex Sommerf.) Spreng.--3: tocon de pino (930037);--2: tocon de Abies alba (930160, 930166, 930167, 930172, 930175);--1: tocon de Pinus uncinata (930072, 930129, 930131, 930132).
rangiferina, Rhizocarpon geographicum, Cladonia sulphurina, Cladina stellaris, Cetraria nivalis, Alectoria ochroleuca Mosses Sphagnum riparium, S.
Some extracts of Cladonia convoluta, Cladonia rangiformis, Parmelia caperata, Platismatia glauca and Ramalina cuspidata demonstrated interesting activities particularly on human cancer cell lines as good selectivity indices were recorded (SI > 3).
Los generos mejor representados son Lecanora (30), Cladonia (28), Caloplaca (15), Umbilicaria (14) y Pertusaria (14).
Fruticose [check] [check] (?) Cladonia andesita * Hedwigia Fruticose [check] Beiblatter (1899) Cladonia coccifera * (L.) Willd Fruticose [check] (1787) Cladonia confusa * Sant (1942) Fruticose [check] [check] Cladonia didyma* (Fee) Vain Fruticose [check] (1887) Cladonia sp.