n.1.(Zool.) The bernicle goose; - now called barnacle goose and also called clack goose.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Ospreys are relevant again and that's testament to Allen Clake and the recruitment work done over the summer.
Mr Clake added: "Our work has shown that there are three core factors behind Britain's pay problems -- people wanting more hours or secure work, a diminishing 'skills tailwind', and terrible productivity growth.
Ian Clake, a director at PWC, said: "We are proud to be sponsors of the Swansea Bay Business Awards.
Byline: Des Clake Listen to Des weekdays on the Capital FM Breakfast Show
TEAMSARMAGH P McEvoy J Morgan C Vernon A Mallon M Shields (0-01) B Donaghy C McKeever K Toner A Findon E McVerry (0-02,2f) K Dyas C Rafferty (1-0) S Campbell Rafferty (0-02, 1 '45) J Clarke (0-4, 2f) CAVANC Gilsenan J McLaughlin R Dunne F Flanagan (0-01) J McEnroe A Clake D O'Reilly G McKiernan (0-02,1f) K Brady D McVeety N McDermott M Reilly E Keating (0-2,2f) D Givney (0-2) J BradyKEEPING POSSESSION Armagh's Ciaran McKeever escapes the attentions of Fergal Flanagan & Rory Dunne
To that end, Clake has produced an easy-to-read manual of helpful ways to understand and maneuver in office politics, which she defines as "the informal, rather than formal, way of getting things done." Recognizing that politics can be used to positive or negative ends, she notes that "People who demonstrate political savvy are those who use it for the pursuance of common goals.
Sean Clake took 2-28 for Panteg and James Taylor two for 39.
Pc Stuart Clake from the Shelfield neighbourhood team said they wanted to use pedal power to raise money for brave servicemen and woman serving around the world "This will be our second year raising funds for charity, we raised over pounds 1,000 previously and are hoping to raise more this year," he said.
This finding is not surprising as past studies suggest that employee turnover is mainly caused by the prospect of alternative employment, job dissatisfaction, a lack of recognition of employee contribution, a lack of organisational support in training and development and work life balance (Pareek 2004, Blanchard & Blanchard 2005, Clake & Winkler 2006).