n.1.The act of crying out.
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Because these are more likely to be overlooked for the time being while assemblies are learning primary settings and newer hymns, it would be worthwhile to point to such examples as Swee Hong Lim's flowing Kyrie (#158), Thomas Pavlechko's driving Gospel Ac- clamation (#170), James Capers's offering song settings from Liturgy of Joy (#183, #185), the haunting Lamb of God setting by Matti Rantatalo (#197), and Rawn Harbor's moving setting of Into Paradise May the Angels Lead You (#222).
Officers say that suggests employment land values alone would not be sufficient to deliver the re clamation of the site.
Sir Michael Stoute's Peeress was the meat in the sandwich and was also hampered, having to give up third place to P ro clamation.
A YOU could try visiting a local re- clamation site where you'll find old bits of furniture and doors, usually from derelict houses and property sales.