n.1.(Zool.) A bird; the flicker.
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Sardinian buttons show a strong similarity with French buttons, like those from the Massif of La Clape, from the allees couvertes of Monze, Moure --Ventenac-Carbades--, Boun-Marcou--Mailhac--, in the Aude region, or the item from the ossuary of Portichol--Salses--, in the Eastern Pyrenees (Arnal, 1954: 255-256; Guilaine, 1963: 825), and the buttons from the dolmen of Taize--Deux Sevres--in Central-West (Hebras, 1965: 145); or the buttons from the dolmens of Mons, Var en Provence (Courtin, 1976: 262-263), and with Spanish items like the buttons from La Atalayuela --Agoncillo, La Rioja--(Perez Arrondo and Lopez de Calle Camara, 1986)--Villanueva de los Infantes --El Castellon, Ciudad Real--(Uscatescu, 1992: 170), the cemetery of Cuesta de la Reina, Ciempozuelos (2) y (V.
Case study of the La Clape massif (southern France)" Applied Geochemistry, vol.
A final top tip is Chateau Capitoul 2012 from Languedoc La Clape that's PS7.49 in the Co-op.
In a higher price range is Chateau L'Hospitalet, Grand Vin, 2012 Top 100 (available from Majestic wine for PS20-25) from Coteaux du Languedoc la Clape. La Clape was once an island and grapes grown on the limestone here have a distinctive character.
A place worth staying when it opens if it gets you closer to the La Clape Opus white.
Individual references (such as a brook) were indicated as important but so were collective ones, such as the massif of 'La Clape': "Very early on, ...
For the almond milk: 1 quart whole milk 3 ounces bitter almonds, toasted, coarsely chopped For the fresh cheese curd: 3 cups almond milk, from above, room temperature 2 teaspoons heavy cream Pinch vegetarian rennet 2 tablespoons filtered water For the cucumber caviar: 1 seedless cucumber, peeled, cut into brunoise White balsamic vinegar Salt For the caramelized milk skin: 1/4 cup almond milk, from above To serve: Fleur de sel Cracked black pepper 8 slices Mangalitsa ham For the garnish: Peeled green almonds, tossed in white balsamic vinaigrette Nasturtium leaves Mint blossoms Olive oil Marsanne Blanc Domaine Auguste Clape Saint Peray, France 2010
Try Chateau d'Angles La Clape Rose Classique 2009 (pounds 10.99, - the beguiling pale coral hue and elegant label are an instant attraction before the nose even hits the glass.
He wrote: "O lorde of Ipocrites/Nowe shut vpp your wickettes/And clape to your clickettes!/A!