Clare Booth Luce

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Noun1.Clare Booth Luce - United States playwright and public official (1902-1987)
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The Roving Park Players theater group is planning a production of Clare Booth Luce's 1936 comedy, "The Women," a not-so-kind commentary on the tiffs, gossip and power struggles of wealthy Manhattan socialites of that era.
He once wrote: "Clare Booth Luce discovered me when I was a young reporter for the Arizona Republic in Phoenix.
Also, Clare Booth Luce, United States Ambassador to Italy and wife of publisher Henry Luce, was honored with a party there, the HCS head added.
Representative Clare Booth Luce, to endorse Zionism.
In another passage, she said her husband's speech writer Ted Sorensen had a "big inferiority complex" and Clare Booth Luce, the playwright and Republican politician, was quite possibly a "lesbian".
The college's first Clare Booth Luce Scholars, Lindsey Tonge and Annie Cervin, both graduated this May.
Both Jeffers and Heefner touch lightly on Truscott's relations with Clare Booth Luce, since recent revelations suggest there was an affair.
Millions all over the world are dying from this pandemic and the 'Condom Olympics' in no way emphasizes the severity of this issue which, by the way, is completely preventable," Alyssa Cordova of the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute, which prepares and promotes conservative women, said.
The lascivious caption: "Life is better under a conservative." Not to be outdone, banners at the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute's booth encouraged each young woman walking by to become "A Luce Lady." CPAC's many parties would provide ample opportunity.
Anyone interested in Clare Booth Luce who glanced through the index would not know that she is mentioned in the book.
"Suicide of Dorothy Hale," for instance, one of her lesser-known works, was commissioned in 1939 by Clare Booth Luce after her beautiful friend had thrown herself from her New York penthouse.