Clare of Assisi

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Clare of As·si·si

 (klâr; ə-sē′zē, -sē, ə-sĭs′ē), Saint 1194-1253.
Italian nun and religious leader who founded with Saint Francis of Assisi the first Franciscan order of nuns, the Order of Poor Ladies, also known as "the Poor Clares." She was canonized in 1255.

Clare of Assisi

(Biography) Saint. 1194–1253, Italian nun; founder of the Franciscan Order of Poor Clares. Feast day: Aug 11


(or Clar′a) of Assi′si

(ˈklær ə)
Saint, 1194–1253, Italian nun: founder of the Franciscan order of nuns.
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Roman Catholics celebrate on Sunday, August 11, the life and works of Saint Clare of Assisi (Santa Clara de Asis), the popular patron saint of childless couples and of good weather.
Clare of Assisi's words, "We become what we love, and who we love shapes what we become," motivate her to reach out to the community.
In this meticulously researched study, Catherine Mooney offers a valuable reappraisal of the famously resilient Clare of Assisi. Deeply familiar with the politics of medieval hagiography, Mooney sifts through the "sources closest to Clare's own life" (1), disentangling these fragments from medieval hagiography and later historical "Clares" to present what she modestly terms a "bare-bones profile" (8).
He was a school commission chairperson for Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi Catholic Church in Greenwood, Indiana.
The second section of the volume is dedicated to Maraini's novels, and includes excerpts from L'eta del malessere (The Age of Malaise, 1963), Donna in guerra (Woman and War, 1975), Colomba (2004), and Chiara d'Assisi (Clare of Assisi, 2013).
Funeral service to be held on Tuesday 5th December St Clare of Assisi RC Church, Brookfield at 1pm.
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Francis and Clare of Assisi can illuminate Christianity and spirituality, and how people today can use the lessons of Francis and Clare to be transformed by God.
Through the story of "Lady Clare of Assisi" in the Tales of St.