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A nonsedating antihistamine, C22H23ClN2O2, used to treat allergic rhinitis and other allergic disorders.

[(ch)lor(o)- + (az)atadine, antihistamine from which it is derived (probably alteration of azo- + (hep)ta- + -(i)d(e) + -ine).]


n loratadina
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Mohit Ghose, spokesman for the American Association of Health Plans, said it's possible that health plans will "take a hard look at what their copay structure is for other similar classes of drugs within their formularies" once Claritin goes OTC.
Schering-Plough is the manufacturer of the allergy medication Claritin, a huge revenue earner for the company.
Special Considerations: Like Claritin, Clarinex appears to be a benign medication with a high therapeutic index, said Dr.
An FDA advisory committee has voted overwhelmingly to recommend over-the-counter status for Claritin, Allegra, and Zyrtec, three popular prescription allergy drugs.
The launch of the new Claritin RediTab formulation helped further boost sales, whilst a new orphan indication was filed in September 2004.
A federal advisory panel recommended that nonprescription Claritin be approved so people could eventually buy the drug over the counter.
Claritin should be approved for sale as an over-the-counter drug, experts recommended at a Food and Drug Administration's Nonprescription Drug Advisory Committee meeting.
Jumping to the front of the corporate handout line was Schering-Plough, the maker of the popular allergy drug Claritin, and hardly a company in need.
1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Schering-Plough Corporation today announced the introduction of CLARITIN 12-Hour, the only 12-hour allergy medicine found in the allergy aisle.
A federal advisory panel recommended this week that nonprescription Claritin be approved so that people could eventually buy the drug over the counter.
Schering-Plough has filed for approval of a switch to OTC status for Claritin.