Clark's nutcracker

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Noun1.Clark's nutcracker - nutcracker of the western United StatesClark's nutcracker - nutcracker of the western United States
nutcracker - speckled birds that feed on nuts
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It grows at elevations above 6,000 feet, and the tree is an essential source of food for many birds and small mammals, like the Clark's nutcracker, the pine's primary seed disperser.
David Barrie's Supernavigators is filled with marvels of animal navigation: bacteria with their own magnetic "compass needles"; shoals of fish that change direction in unison due to pressure-sensitive pores on their sides; bumble bees that detect sonic electrical fields around nectar-rich flowers; amazing feats of memory that allow the Clark's nutcracker to locate seeds it has stored over a hundred square miles of countryside; songs and dances that let other creatures of their kind locate food and suitable "housing"; astounding nonstop long-distance flights over open ocean; and even examples of democracy in action as bees share information, send out scouts, and then, by consensus, swarm to their new location.
Healthy whitebark pines are essential to the forest's health and to one species in particular: The Clark's nutcracker and the tree have evolved to work together over millions of years.
I make the pine nut cookies because I tell them about a bird called the Clark's nutcracker, which is the only way the seeds of the whitebark pine is propagated."
The most spectacular food-storing performance is that of Clark's nutcracker, Nucifraga columbiana, which stores some 30,000.
The lesson plans, "Clark's Nutcracker" and "Grizzly Survival" (Gail McEachron), present background information before following the same procedure as the first lesson.
Clark's Nutcracker is a lovely bird found in whitebark pine forests.
"We soon found out that the Clark's nutcracker is the spatial memory superstar of the avian world, and possibly of the vertebrate world."
Here, we explore one possible source of fitness loss to limber pine (Pinus flexilis, Pinaceae) from seed dispersal by Clark's Nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana, Corvidae): competition within multi-genet tree clusters of reproductive age.
The central role of Clark's nutcracker in the dispersal and establishment of whitebark pine.
Adaptations of whitebark pine seed dispersal by Clark's nutcracker. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 12:391-402.
The relationship between bear and tree traces back to a rather ordinary-looking bird called the Clark's nutcracker, a relative of the crow.