Class meeting

(Methodist Church) a meeting of a class under the charge of a class leader, for counsel and relegious instruction.

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My mistress used to go to class meeting at the Wilk Street meetinghouse every Monday after- noon, and leave me to take care of the house.
Zijin News April 15th-Zijin Mining held the 1st general meeting of shareholders, the first A Shareholders' class meeting and the first H Shareholders' meeting in 2019.
The new hotel will offer standard rooms of 130-sq-ft (40-sq-m), four food and beverage outlets where guests can enjoy inventive cuisine, and first class meeting and events facilities that will cater to government, business and social events in the city.
The online quizzes make every student accountable for each class meeting, encourage distributed practice (as opposed to cramming) that allows for reflection and correcting errors, inform instructional decisions, and allow the professor opportunities to model decision strategies in the classroom.
This flight will carry 157 passengers in economy class, 35 passengers in business class and 18 passengers in luxury class meeting the first class standards.
Partially online courses are regularly scheduled for one in-person class meeting per week.
* Class meeting rules/expectations should be created and agreed upon by the class (three to five broad rules should suffice).
"Confronted by royalty, Parliament becomes infantilised, and squirms and fawns like a nursery class meeting Santa Claus" Labour MP Paul Flynn on the Succession to the Crown Bill.
The SC3 project is described in each introductory course's syllabus, and the instructions and expectations are similar: (a) guidelines for a related-readings assignment to prepare responses to specific questions and grading criteria for the prepared responses, (b) specific instructions about a hypothetical grant proposal for a funded collaborative project designed to intervene in a significant mental health issue (to be prepared by each working group), and (c) guidelines and grading criteria for oral presentations by each working group to be made during the second joint class meeting. Course faculty instructors introduce students to the SC3 project during the first class of the fall semester.
LAST week's Pun-chestown Festival was arguably the highest class meeting they have ever held, with War Of Attrition and Champion Chase winner Newmill further enhancing their rocketing reputations.
These evaluations were conducted on the first class meeting and the last class meeting after the students had completed their final examination.
Each week's class meeting dealt with a single historical period running in chronological sequence.