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1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.
2. One who believes in free will.

[From liberty.]

lib′er·tar′i·an adj.
lib′er·tar′i·an·ism n.


1. one who advocates liberty, especially with regard to thought or conduct.
2. the philosophical doctrine of free will. Cf. necessitarianism, determinism, fatalism.libertarian, n., adj.
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1. the advocacy of freedom, especially in thought or conduct.
2. Theology. the advocacy of the doctrine of free will. See also necessitarianism. — libertarian, n., adj.
See also: Freedom
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Noun1.libertarianism - an ideological belief in freedom of thought and speech
ideology, political orientation, political theory - an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation


[ˌlɪbəˈtɛərɪənɪzəm] N (= philosophy) → libertarismo m, doctrina f libertaria; (= personal philosophy) → ideas fpl libertarias
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Most of contemporary libertarianism is in continuity with classical libertarianism.
Criminals now have very unique and inventive defenses that are not open to them under classical libertarianism.
In part 1, Maloberti had argued that classical libertarianism implies anarchism, a claim which seems to me to be eminently true.

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