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Noun1.Clathraceae - family of fleshy fungi resembling stinkhorns
fungus family - includes lichen families
order Phallales, Phallales - order of fungi comprising the stinkhorns and related forms whose mature hymenium is slimy and fetid; sometimes placed in subclass Homobasidiomycetes
Clathrus, genus Clathrus - type genus of the Clathraceae
genus Pseudocolus, Pseudocolus - a genus of fungi belonging to the family Clathraceae
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In more traditional classifications (DRING, 1973; ZELLER, 1949), Phallales comprises the families Clathraceae E.
Lysuraceae was originally segregated from Clathraceae by Corda (1842, as 'Lysuroideae'), who included the genera Lysurus Fr.
The morphological relationship between the Phallaceae and the Clathraceae. Bulletin of the British Mycological Society, v.