Claude Levi-Strauss

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Noun1.Claude Levi-Strauss - French cultural anthropologist who promoted structural analysis of social systems (born in 1908)
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Saladin d'Anglure follows in the footsteps of Marcel Mauss and Claude Levi-Strauss, who was his colleague for seven years and provided him with advice until his death.
El primer capitulo, La opera como mito, la opera como metafora, se centra en Claude Levi-Strauss y su obra Mitologicas, donde compara las estructuras musicales de El anillo del nibelungo de Wagner con los esquemas mitologicos amerindios.
It refers to Bach, traditional Greek songs and melodies from New Guinea, and cites the texts of Claude Levi-Strauss, William Burroughs and Malcolm X.
Anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss's Tristes tropiques was published in 1955 to immense acclaim.
One inspiration for On Behalf of Nature was an essay by Buddhist writer Gary Snyder, "Writers and the War Against Nature." In it, Snyder writes, "The French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss said something like 'Art survives within modern civilization rather like little islands of wilderness saved to show us where we came from.'"
Due to a lasting skepticism expressed by anthropologists towards psychological explanation of cultural facts, they were not persuaded by Freud's results in explaining magic phenomena, with the exception of Claude Levi-Strauss' insight that I will discuss further on.