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Noun1.Claude Shannon - United States electrical engineer who pioneered mathematical communication theory (1916-2001)
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The spark of individual genius shines through this story of innovation: The stored program of Jacquard's loom; Charles Babbage's logical branching; Alan Turing's brilliant abstraction of the discrete machine; Harry Nyquist's foundation for digital signal processing; Claude Shannon's breakthrough insights into the meaning of information and bandwidth; and Richard Feynman's prescient proposals for nanotechnology and quantum computing.
Le developpement du domaine de traitement de l'information en general et du domaine des telecommunications en particulier, est associe au nom de l'ingenieur, electricien et mathematicien du 20 eme siecle, Claude Shannon, considere comme le fondateur de la theorie de l'information.
The American engineering theorist Claude Shannon has largely been written out of popular history, despite developing the mathematical foundations of communication, data compression, digital computers, cryptography, circuit complexity, and networking, as well as laying the foundations for human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence--the defining technologies of the information age.
Over a century later, Claude Shannon published A Mathematical Theory of Communication, in which he proposed a formal definition of "information" and "bit."
The industry started hearing claims about reaching theoretical limits, referring to the boundary derived by the founder of communication theory, Claude Shannon.
When Bennett joined IBM in 1972, quantum physics was already half a century old, but computing still relied on classical physics and the mathematical theory of information that Claude Shannon had developed at MIT in the 1950s.
Detecting hardware Trojans at this stage becomes a vexing problem because we are compelled to apply Shannon's maxim: "The enemy knows the system." It was in his 1949 paper "Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems" that Claude Shannon made this assertion; yet, his maxim remains a mainstay for security today.
We spent the last five years ( studying the life  of one of the world's great geniuses: Claude Shannon. Part of the reason we were drawn to him was that, of the geniuses we studied, he seemed to be the one we could learn the most from.
The authors make it clear that they are not limiting themselves to Shannon information which Claude Shannon developed to focus on communication.
Mathematicians Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver's (1949) book The Mathematical Theory of Communication offers a highly scientific and structured process of communication that has been "the" accepted model in communication studies for several years.
Error Control coding is a discipline under the branch of applied mathematics called Information theory, discovered by Claude Shannon in 1948 (Shannon 1948)[17]-[20].The work investigation on the LDPC code is done on deep space application.
THE THREE CENTRAL FIGURES IN THE Scandal of Money--the logician Kurt Godel and computer theoreticians Alan Turing and Claude Shannon, each of whom was at work during the middle decades of the last century--did not concern themselves with economics.