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Spacers provide immediate symptom amelioration by serving as a spinal extension blocker to prevent the repetitive compression of neural elements during back extension that is the primary source of claudicant symptoms.
When I hear the music that accompanies the claudicant utterances of Alberich, Mime, and Beckmesser, I can associate them with racism and antisemitism only because I am able to explicate them in a literary context-whether that be the theoretical essays or the operatic librettos- which then gives meaning to the purely musical figures, (p.
Floupette sont integres au numero du 19 avril de la meme annee; enfin, quatre poemes ("Platonisme," "Pour etre conspue," "Madrigal" et "Rythme claudicant") de la plume d'Adore Floupette completent le numero du 2 mai 1885.
* A diligent clinical appraisal of the claudicant is essential considering that not all symptoms are associated with PAD.
If these criteria are fulfilled, a definite claudicant is one who indicates pain in the calf, regardless of whether pain is also marked in other sites; a diagnosis of atypical claudication is made if pain is indicated in the thigh or buttock, in the absence of any calf pain.
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Dyslipidemia Treatment: Several reports have indicated that statins also improve pain-free walking distance and ambulatory activity in claudicants through a mechanism independent of their cholesterol-lowering properties.
Cramps and muscular pain: prevention with pycnogenol in normal subjects, venous patients, athletes, claudicants and in diabetic microangiopathy.