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Claudius 1

, Appius Full name Appius Claudius Crassus. fl. fifth century bc.
Roman decemvir (451-449) whose actions provoked a plebian revolt and the overthrow of the decemvirs.

Claudius 2

, Appius Full name Appius Claudius Caecus. fl. fourth-third century bc.
Roman censor and consul who built the first Roman aqueduct and began construction of the Appian Way.


(Biography) full name Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus. 10 bc–54 ad, Roman emperor (41–54); invaded Britain (43); poisoned by his fourth wife, Agrippina


(ˈklɔ di əs)
1. Claudius I, 10 B.C. – A.D. 54, Roman emperor A.D. 41–54.
2. Claudius II, ( “Gothicus” ) A.D. 214–270, Roman emperor 268–270.
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Noun1.Claudius - Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murderedClaudius - Roman Emperor after his nephew Caligula was murdered; consolidated the Roman Empire and conquered southern Britain; was poisoned by his fourth wife Agrippina after her son Nero was named as Claudius' heir (10 BC to AD 54)


[ˈklɔːdɪəs] NClaudio
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