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 (klou′zə-vĭts), Carl von 1780-1831.
Prussian army officer and military theorist whose posthumously published On War (1832) pragmatically interprets war as an instrument of policy.
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(German ˈklauzəvɪts)
(Biography) Karl von (karl fɔn). 1780–1831, Prussian general, noted for his works on military strategy, esp Vom Kriege (1833)
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(ˈklaʊ zə vɪts)

Karl von, 1780–1831, German military officer and author of books on military science.
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Noun1.Clausewitz - Prussian general and military theorist who proposed a doctrine of total war and war as an extension of diplomacy (1780-1831)
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After they had gone Pierre approached Prince Andrew and was about to start a conversation when they heard the clatter of three horses' hoofs on the road not far from the shed, and looking in that direction Prince Andrew recognized Wolzogen and Clausewitz accompanied by a Cossack.
Military strategist and theorist Carl Von Clausewitz elaborated on the psychological and political aspects of war and how it can be used "as an instrument of policy." Can the warmongering during the Pulwama attack in February be seen as a thoroughly calculated and premeditated strategy?
To paraphrase the famous German writer Carl Von Clausewitz, war is very simple, but in war, the simplest things can become very difficult and go out of control.
After almost 200 years since the publishing of Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz's treatise On War, emerging neuroscience research brings a fresh perspective to his enduring work.
While quoting military theorist Carl von Clausewitz, who has said that 'war is not a performance of senseless passion, but is controlled by political objective' the former general said this is equally true for an 'insurgency'.
"Politics did come to the fore, but instead of a solution, we saw the revival of insurgency." Quoting military theorist Carl von Clausewitz, who said that "war is not a performance of senseless passion, but is controlled by political objective", the former general said it was equally true for an insurgency.
The final forum, On Clausewitz, presents two articles that challenge nontraditional interpretations of On War.
In the concluding chapter he addresses the impact of 1806 on two men who fought on opposing sides in the campaign and sought a new theoretical understanding of war -- Henri Jomini and Carl von Clausewitz.
Helena and then organizing them in the same systematic approach that Clausewitz employed in his magnum opus On War.
'On War' by Carl von Clausewitz is the definitive academic text for students, teachers, and practitioners in warfare and strategy.