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Noun1.Clavariaceae - fleshy fungi: coral fungiClavariaceae - fleshy fungi: coral fungi    
fungus family - includes lichen families
coral fungus - any of numerous fungi of the family Clavariaceae often brightly colored that grow in often intricately branched clusters like coral
Agaricales, order Agaricales - typical gilled mushrooms belonging to the subdivision Basidiomycota
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Veracruz (Burt, 1926; Guzman, 1972) Clavariaceae Hyphodontiella multiseptata A.
0.94 b Collybia iocephala 0.57 fg Macrocybe titans 0.33 no Clavariaceae prob.
Aportacion al catalogo micologico de La Rioja (Espana): Aphyllophorales: Clavariaceae, Clavulinaceae y Ramariaceae.