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n.1.See Clevis.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Yto Ynares, Boy Abunda, Atong Ang, Amado Bagatsing, Clavel Bendana, Cong.
The design of Mix Dubai was a result of a close collaboration between Ducasse and Manueal Clavel of Clavel Architecture and Interior Design to create a luxurious and elegant feel, with a large, golden Faberge egg which sits inside the dome of the hotel.
GenSan 57 Masaglang 15, Morada 10, Clavel 8, Goloran 7, Orbeta 5, Mahaling 4, Landicho 3, Radin 3, Basco 2, Autor 0, Losentes 0, Racho 0, Timon 0, Vijandre 0.
Coach George Pascua also gave reserves Carly Hernandez, Czarina Carandang, Clavel Dejito and France Ronquillo a feel of tournament play as part of confidence-building.
But the huge success of Richard II somewhat eclipsed the oblique presence of Shakespeare in La Terrasse de midi, a rewriting of Hamlet by Maurice Clavel and one of the three theater productions of the Week of Art in Avignon, as the first edition of the festival was called.