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clave 1

v. Archaic
A past tense of cleave1.

clave 2

v. Archaic
A past tense of cleave2.

cla·ve 3

1. One of a pair of cylindrical hardwood sticks beaten together as a percussion instrument.
2. A syncopated two-bar musical pattern.

[American Spanish, from Spanish, keystone, from Latin clāvis, key.]


(kleɪv; klɑːv)
(Instruments) music one of a pair of hardwood sticks struck together to make a hollow sound, esp to mark the beat of Latin-American dance music
[C20: from American Spanish, from Latin clavis key]


archaic a past tense of cleave1


(Zoology) zoology a clublike thickening at the upper end of an organ, esp of the antenna of an insect
[C19: from Latin clāva club]



Archaic. pt. of cleave 1.


(ˈklɑ veɪ)

one of a pair of hand-held wooden sticks or blocks that are struck together to accompany music and dancing.
[1925–30; American Spanish, Sp: keystone < Latin clāvis key]
References in classic literature ?
Sir Launcelot put his shield afore him, and put the stroke away of the one giant, and with his sword he clave his head asunder.
He struggled against his thirst till his tongue clave to the roof of his mouth; then, no longer able to resist, he called out.
But the heat grew greater as soon as noon came on, till at last, as he found himself on a wide heath that would take him more than an hour to cross, he began to be so hot and parched that his tongue clave to the roof of his mouth.
On the second round, the stranger led off and landed cleverly within the small garland at the top of the wand; but Robin shot far better and clave the wand itself, clean at the middle.
I heard the feet of the slayers as they bounded forward to hale me to the dreadful death, but my tongue clave to the roof of my mouth--I could not say a word.
Swiftly they traversed their long course, and neither the sea nor river-waters nor grassy glens nor mountain- peaks checked the career of the immortal horses, but they clave the deep air above them as they went.
said Silas, who had now come to understand Dolly's phraseology, "that was what fell on me like as if it had been red-hot iron; because, you see, there was nobody as cared for me or clave to me above nor below.
Te damos las claves para que de una vez por todas, este ano los cumplas en serio.
En esas interacciones se cifra una de las claves que impulsan la revision continua y, a su vez, la pertinencia de la educacion superior en la construccion de sociedades democraticas, equitativas y que buscan el desarrollo humano, el desarrollo del talento, del potencial de los jovenes.
Las principales teorias sobre navegacion se han centrado en las claves alocentricas, sobre todo en la geometria del espacio.
El desarrollo y evaluacion de las competencias claves es una las principales dificultades del profesorado observadas por la inspeccion de educacion en sus actuaciones ordinarias en los centros educativos (Autor, 2012ab).
El cifrado de clave asimetrica o el cifrado de clave publica se utiliza para resolver el problema de distribucion de claves.