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(Biology) another word for clavate
[C19: from Latin clāva club]


(ˈklæv əˌfɔrm)

club-shaped; clavate.
[1810–20; < Late Latin clāv(a) club + -i- + -form]
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The species of Senna can be identified morphologically by the absence of bracteoles on the flower pedicel, the presence of claviform to pyramidal convex extrafloralnectaries, and cylindrical or flat-compressed fruit with inert dehiscence.
Foretarsal sensillum t1 is claviform, sensillum t3 is long and lancet-like (Bonet & Tuxen 1960) or finger-like, sensillum b' is present, the base of sensillum d is closer to base of c than to base of e, and the position of sensillum a' is close to the base of t1.
A short Conochitina species with a clear flexure and shoulder, both the slightly claviform chamber as well as the neck are of nearly equal length; the convex base shows a mucron and a concentric ridge; the vesicle wall has a microgranulous surface and the aperture is straight.
with rounded apices, formed by utricles that are constricted at base and claviform and rounded at apices, 450-1000 [micro]m long and 100-350 [micro]m wide.
Ordinary and claviform trichobothria present on tarsi of palp and legs.
Esophagus stout, claviform, with small ventriculus giving off a long, single or double appendix.
Among the most important characters for distinguishing the genus is the presence of a zygomorphic androecium with three abaxial stamens; presence of convex, claviform to pyramidal extrafloral nectaries and cylindrical or plane-compressed fruit with inert dehiscence.